Recreation classes

Monthly Plan:
The registration fee and first month’s payment are due at registration. Our class rate is calculated based on a yearly rate including all Holidays/Breaks.  This rate is divided into 9 1/2 monthly payments beginning at registration and ending in May, with billing occurring on the 15th of every month.  Prestige accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover or your checking/savings account and your payment information will be required upon logging in to our online portal. 

Registration Fee (non-refundable):

One dance student $40.00

Two or more in one family $60.00

Monthly Rates:

45 Minute Class Rate $55

Two Classes entitles students to a $7.50 discount. 

Three Classes entitles students to a $15 discount

Four Classes entitles students to a $22.50 discount

Five or more classes will make a student "Unlimited" entitling them to a $30 discount


**Discount is applied per student, not family.