At Prestige Dance Academy, our award-winning instructors offer a wide array of equally fantastic classes ranging from ballet to hip-hop to tap dance. Flemington, NJ parents can give their children the gift of allowing them to express themselves in a fun, healthy way that allows their self-confidence to grow exponentially.

About Our Tap Dancing Classes

Our tap dance classes are exceptionally enjoyable for our students. We have highly-trained and respected instructors who help the students every step of the way. The classes involve drills to teach the most basic, foundational movements of the dance form, and soon students begin to feel their coordination improve. As their brain begins to make the necessary connections that enhance their coordination abilities, the students learn choreographed movements with simple transitions. Tap dance is usually accompanied by upbeat, energetic music. Steps seem easy, but students are conditioned to learn how to make pronounced tapping noises with their shoes, and they will also learn to vary the volume of the taps according to the music. Students are trained to hear extra sounds that they need to adapt to in their dance. Tap dancing classes involve:

  • Drills
  • Stretches
  • Combination Steps
  • Choreographed Dance


Enroll Your Child

Help your child find a positive and healthy outlet for their self-expression at Prestige Dance Academy through our lessons in tap dance. Call us for additional information about our classes and professional instructors. Stop by our location in Flemington, NJ for a tour of our brand new, state-of-the-art dance facility.

Tap Dance Classes in Flemington, NJ