At Prestige Dance Academy, we teach children and teens to embrace self-expression in the form of dance. Our award-winning instructors offer an array of fantastic courses ranging from ballet to hip-hop dance classes. Flemington, NJ parents rave about the wild successes they see their children gain from our instruction, including heightened confidence, a love of exercise, and an intense passion to master their skills with self-discipline.

About Our Hip-Hop Courses
Our hip-hop classes are incredibly fun. From break dancing to house dancing to freestyle, our students are guided by an instructor in an informal setting. Students learn how to adapt to the rhythm and to enjoy music in an entirely new way. Our brand new, state-of-the-art facilities allow parents to sit back and relax as their children have a blast exercising and learning to channel their emotions in a positive, healthy way. Hip-hop requires improvisation, which keeps each student thinking and acting on his or her feet (quite literally!).

Break-Dance — The origin of break dancing, a rather explosive style, lies within the heart of the 1970s hip-hop scene of New York City. Break dancing is a high-energy dance form that includes jumping and walking on your hands.

House Dancing — This hip-hop dance form primarily involves improvisation, complex stepping, and isolated body movements. This is traditionally performed and learned in time to house music.

Enroll Your Child
Help your child find a positive and healthy outlet for their self-expression through our hip-hop dance classes. Flemington, NJ families consistently rave about the positive experience their children have with us at Prestige Dance Academy. Get your child enrolled today!

About Our Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Flemington, NJ