Taught by fun and energetic instructors, the classes at Prestige Dance Academy are fit for a variety of age groups and skill levels. When they step into a dance class at our Flemington, NJ studio, students will immediately notice the quality of our state of the art facility. With two spacious studios and a variety of accommodations outside the classroom, students can truly thrive in the environment we’ve created. We invite potential students to explore our classes and find what suits them best.

Advanced Acro Class:  For dancers who have a strong foundation of acro/gymnastics.  To be in this class, the dancer should have down all of the basics:  (rolls, handstand, cartwheel, bridge ).  In this advanced class, the dancer will be working on harder skills such as bridge kickovers, front and back walkovers, round off back handsprings, back tucks, side and front aerials, and chin stands and elbow stands.

Advanced Conditioning:  In this class, dancers will focus on building strength in both large and small muscle groups required to enhance their dancing with exercises based on the principles of Pilates, Yoga, and other innovative techniques using a TheraBand and Swiss Ball. Focus will also be placed on flexibility and how to use the correct muscles to improve their foundation for dance. This class is an excellent way to supplement your dance training with a focus on core strength, strength in the muscles used for turnout and balance, upper body movement, strength in the ankles, and range of motion on Demi-pointe.

Ballet: Taught in all class levels stressing proper technique and placement. 

Beginner/Intermediate Acro:  For dancers who have little or moderate experience in acro/gym.  In this beginner class, the dancer will learn how to safely and effectively do skills such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and bridges.  These are the foundational skills that can be built upon.

Broadway: A variety of singing, acting and dancing will be taught

Choreography:  An introduction to dance composition.  Students will learn and execute the fundamentals of choreography in several genres of dance.  We will create combinations together in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical and many more.  A completed routine will be presented at the annual recital that will be created by the students.  Form fitting dance attire is required and Twyla shoes.

Conditioning:  Conditioning will focus on lengthening and strengthening the muscles required to improve dancers' ballet technique.  The class is also open to anyone looking for a class to tone and strengthen the deep abdominal muscles, engage the hamstring and inner thigh muscles, to sculpt the arms, and target hard to reach areas of the body.  The class is recommended for all dancers age 10+, as well as non-dancers looking to reshape their bodies.  A pilates ball is required for class and you may also want to bring a yoga mat.  Form fitting attire is required and no shoes are necessary for this class.

Contemporary: A fusion of jazz, modern, and ballet techniques, which can be set to almost any style of music. Contemporary is characterized by its versatility and ability to unite other dance forms to create new styles of movement. Ballet training is recommended.

Hip Hop: Street style dance with a lot of funk and energy. 

Improvisation: Improvisation is where dancers create movement without any prior set choreography. Dancers will discover new ways of moving and finding their personal "voice" through assistance and exercise. This class does not have a recital routine. 

Jazz: Jazz warm-up, center, and routines are given. Jazz technique and terminology will be stressed. 

Jumps and Turns:  Jumps and turns is a technique class dedicated to learning, improving and perfecting technique of leaps, kicks, turns and etc.

Kinderdance: Warm-up stretches, introductory ballet, tap, and creative movement are taught. This class is suggested for the newcomer or student with one year of Nursery Dance. 

Lyrical: A fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Lyrical dance is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic, focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. Ballet training is recommended. 

Modern: In this class, students will learn techniques of modern dance pioneers such as Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey. Students will also be taught to express themselves as dancers with some improvisational exercises. Ballet training is recommended.  

​Mommy & Me:  Toddlers and parent or caretaker dance together while focusing on rhythm, movement, music and fun! Learn dance moves for home while developing healthy toddler bodies and coordination. Classes are 45 minutes long.

Nursery Dance: Warm-up stretches, introductory ballet, tap, and creative movement are introduced. This class also enhances the child’s development in motor skills. 

Open Conditioning:  This class, open to dancers and non-dancers alike, will focus on creating full-body strength and flexibility through exercises designed to lengthen and strengthen major muscle groups as well as smaller muscle groups. Using exercises based on the principles of Pilates, Yoga, and other innovative techniques, students will use a TheraBand and Swiss Ball to create long, lean muscles. For dancers, this is an excellent way to strengthen your dance foundation. For non-dancers, it's a great way to get low-impact strength training in a fun environment. This class is for anyone ages 10 and up, and it is encouraged for all dancers and their parents too!

Pointe: 1 additional ballet classe per week is required and must be pre-approved by instructor to register. 

Pom Pom: Pom combines jazz, hip hop and cheer. This dance style uses pom poms. 

Pre-Ballet/Jazz: This class offers Ballet and Jazz. Barre work, warm-up stretches, center, and routines are taught. 

Pre-Ballet/Tap: This class offers basic Ballet and Tap. Barre work, warm up stretches, center, and routines are taught. 

Tap: Warm ups, center and across the floor exercise and choreography consisting of rhythmic and broadway style tap. 

Tiny Tots Acro: This class is designed to introduce young children to movement with gymnastics.  Students explore hopping, jumping, climbing, stretching, balancing, rolling, and more.  Listening skills & self confidence are also part of our main goals.

VIP Princess:  Disney Princesses are inspiration for this class which features tap, jazz and creative movement.  Each month a different princess will be featured.  Children will participate in exercises such as the Bibbidy Bobbity Bourre and Skipping for Glass Slippers.  Ballet pink leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes and tap shoes are required for this class.

As you can see, the extensive class offerings at Prestige Dance Academy make it something truly special. Our highly trained and award-winning faculty members are here to guide you through every step of your dance class. Those interested are encouraged to contact our Flemington, NJ studio today to learn more about getting started!